Notify Me By Prateek

Amidst Covid our building needed an app to notify flat owners about their packages which were left with guard more that 4 hours.

Since guard was not able to cope up with that many packages and guards were working on shift so there were instances where some packages were stolen or misplaced.

Hence in the need of it I ideated, designed, created a working app which will notify flat owner that their package is arrived as well as after 3 hours will notify again that this is the last notification to take your package after that there is no responsibility on guard or society

board game framer

Board Game - Borrow and invite offline ( Concept App)

A concept game  ideated and created for people who want to play board games offline.

A user can borrow board games from his/her friend list and choose from the list of board games the user has at that point of time. Once the board game is decided the user can decide the time when they want the game to be delivered at their place.